New ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group on NICFD | CREA Lab
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New ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group on NICFD

New ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group on NICFD

ERCOFTAC are delighted to announce the creation of a new Special Interest Group (SIG) Non-ideal Compressible-Fuid Dynamics (nicfd)

The main objectives of the SIG 49 are:

  • Spread the knowledge of NICFD
  • Bring together under the same umbrella researchers working in NICFD and interested in diverse engineering applications
  • Support the organization of the thematic workshops
  • Provide a platform to exchange information between academia and industry
  • Establish benchmarks for NICFD code validation
  • Establish an education network for undergraduate and graduate students as well as industry practitioners in the disciplines pertinent to NICFD

Provide best practices guidelines for NICFD and possibly organize best practice courses following the example set by other SIGs



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