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The Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics symposium bring together researchers and scientists from various application areas who are pioneering theoretical, numerical and experimental advancements in the fluid dynamics of compressible flows of fluids for which the ideal gas law does not apply.

The growing interest towards NICFD in the last decade, especially for its advanced applications in the field of propulsion and power, has determined an impulse in research, and the purpose of this conference is to promote the exchange of information among the quite diverse community, whose interests span from the fundamentals to the industrial applications.
The first edition has been in 2016 and it achieved resounding success thanks to the quality of the researches presented and of the 4 keynote lecture given by renowned experts:

Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics: A Challenge for Theory
by Prof. Alfred Kluwick, TU Wien, Austria
Cavitation Instabilities in Turbopump Inducers
by Prof. Seung Jin Song, Seoul National University, Korea
Industrial applications of turbomachinery operating on non-ideal fluids
by Dr. Douglas Hofer, GE Global Research, USA
Wall bounded turbulence in flows with strong property gradients
by Prof. Rene Pecnik, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
The proceedings are printed as a special issue of
IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 821, Number 1

They gather 27 papers reporting on cutting-edge research activities in NICFD for propulsion and power. The review paper by Prof. Alfred Kluwick opens the collection and provides the perspective on past discoveries, the context of present activities and the roadmap of future challenges in this new, exciting scientific field.

Next edition will be in 2018, news and abstract deadlines will be published soon so stay tuned.

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